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Is it safe to give Colloidal Silver to toddlers

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Is it safe to give Colloidal Silver to toddlers?
Colloidal silver is not safe for any patient. It was used in the area before antibiotics as an antibacterial agent but it's side effects are toxic. The FDA has ruled that the risks of taking colloidal silver is greater than any possible benefit. It can now only be bought in the US as a health food supplement which the FDA does not have jurisdiction. So there is no regulation of concentration of silver or additional trace minerals that are in the sold solutions. The problem with colloidal silver is that it deposits in the skin, eyes, and internal organs. This illness is called argyria. It is not known how much colloidal silver or for how long you have to be taking it to develop symptoms but can lead to multi-organ dysfunction. Again, it is not recommended that colloidal silver be given to a toddler.
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