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My five year old son has a swollen right testicle and the

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My five year old son has a swollen right testicle and the left looks as if there is barely a testicle there. What could be the cause of this symptom? He has been coughing all day long, could this be contributing to the enlargement?
Is the testicle red and tender? or is it just enlarged and painless?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
He tells me it does not hurt and it is not red
Then the likelihood that it is a testicular torsion is very low. A torsion is a surgical emergency. What this sounds like is that it is most likely either a hydrocele - which is a benign fluid filled sac or he has a hernia and part of the bowel occasionally slips through the hernia into the scrotum. This is also benign unless the bowel becomes 'strangulated' or stuck and blood supply compromised. The signs to watch for if it is an emergency is if the testicle becomes red, swollen and painful. Otherwise next time he is at his pediatrician's office they can determine whether it is a hydrocele or an inguinal hernia.
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