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My 3 year old son hit his head on our slate landing while my

Resolved Question:

My 3 year old son hit his head on our slate landing while my back was turned. It looks like he fell ~1.5 stairs and hit the right side of his head. There is a purple bump in the shape of a line about 1/2 inch long between his right eye & right temple; also, there's a bunch of red around the top of his right cheek area which indicates part of his head may have lande on/hit his plastic toy bus. This happened just before nap-time, and he was already tired. I tried to keep him awake until my husband got home so I could get a 2nd opinion, but my son has fallen asleep (refused to stay awake). I checked his pupils, and they seemed the same as my other son who is one and healthy, but I don't really know what I'm looking for. I couldn't ask him if he had dizziness, weakness of the arms/legs, or imparied vision, nor check for slurred speech, because he has been diagnosed with autism (he doesn't speak much or communicate well).
Should I wake him up and subject him to an emergency room visit (it's past Dr.'s hours)? What should I do? What physical symptoms should I be looking for (that I'll be able to definitely tell if something is really wrong)?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Hilary replied 7 years ago.
Having a child with autism certainly makes it more difficult to tell if something is wrong. But you have to check like you are checking an infant who can't tell you if anything is wrong.
Signs to look for:
1. Changes in behavior - more crying, more anger, irritability
2. Difficulty walking normally
3. persistent vomiting - more than 2 episodes
4. Sleeping more than usual - not wanting to wake up - this does not pertain to bedtime.
5. Doesnt recognize you -
If you are worried, you can always have him checked out to be on the safe side - but I would just observe for symptoms
It doesn't sound like there is an open wound or laceration that requires sutures from your description.
I would wake him up once tonight and make sure that he is ok -
Please reply with any further questions.
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