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What is a normal blood sugar level for a newborn infant?

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What is a normal blood sugar level for a newborn infant?


Congratulations on your new baby!

Normal blood sugar values are essentially the same as for older children and adults. Blood sugar should be between 80-120.
Newborn infants can have lower than normal blood sugar for many reasons, including infection, stress, being born to a Mom who has diabetes, being small-for-age. Infants do not keep their blood sugar up as well as older children during periods of not eating / feeding.

What have your son's levels been and what if any are his doctors' concerns?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
They are treating him for an infection at this time. He is receiving antibioics by IV and will for 7 days. During labor mom had a fever and they believe that may have passed on to him. They did give mom antibiotics during labor and say they may not be able to determine fully the source of the infection because of that. Just not sure how long it will be before the levels improve. Right now the level is ranging from 47 down to 39. Yesterday @ 5:00pm was the first time they let him have a bottle. He is also receiving glucose iv and is being weened off of that. When they reduced it today the count dropped from 42 to 39. They would like to see it remain at 45. Mom is not diabetic. Doctor thinks it is due to his size and the fact that mom had a fever during labor. Just trying to get a handle on how long this may last and could this be a permanent situation.

Thank you for the helpful additional information.

Your son's case is not unusual. Most infants with infections have trouble with low blood sugar. I agree with what you state his doctors' plan and assessment.

It is likely that as your son takes more by bottle or breastfeeding consistently, his need for IV glucose will decrease and he will be able to taper off it. In the short-term, I cannot give you a time frame as it depends on whether or not your son truly has a bloodstream infection (I understand the doctors may neve know and are treating as if he does - that is standard of care), and how he does overall.

This has absolutely no impact long-term ; it will not be a permanent issue.

All best to your son and your family!

Hope this helps and please tell me if you have further questions.

Louise Sivak, M.D.

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