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My 3 year old daughter is rapidly breathing and her breaths

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my 3 year old daughter is rapidly breathing and her breaths are shallow. she has had 4 nebulizer treatment within the past 8 hours

how long ago was the last treatment? has she ever been hospitalized because of asthma? Has she ever needed streroids for her asthma before (prednisone, orapred, pedipred). how long have you been spacing the treatments. did you hear any audible wheezing? have you tried a steamy shower? do you have a humidifier in her room?

please reply so that I can help you better.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

When she was under a year old, she was given nebulizor treatments during a cold for her cough.

Then 2 weeks ago, at peak allergy season, she was given another nebulizor treatment with the instruction to give to her as needed. day and a half later she was fine. Still had a cough, but not that repetitive.

Both my wife and I have asthma and allergies. I am more succeptable and am having symptons now.

The last treatment was at 8:30. that was hour and a half ago.. Since she had a bad night and we accidentaly left the nebulizor at home ( we were in the family cottage for fri and sat nite) we gave 4 treatments at 1, 3, 5 and then at 8:30 before bed. Her nose is stuffy, has a cough, but is not wheezing. Do you think a humidifier would help? Also we checked her temp. Its at 99.4

If you have a cool humidifier that would help. Is she still sleeping right now? Is she still breathing 40-50 times per minute?

I would definately give another treatment around 12 am and then 4 am. if she is sleeping, just place over her face so she can breathe in the mist, you dont have to wake her up. I would definately followup with her doctor in the morning, because she may need additional medication. Nebulizer treatments should be given every 4 hours at home. If she requires them more frequently on a regular basis, she should be monitored more carefully by a doctor either in their office or in the ER.

If her breathing continues to be rapid, she is having difficulty breathing, or is retracting when breathing (her entire chest wall and abdominal muscles are being used to breathe and you see deep chest wall movments with each breath), then I would take her to the hospital tonight.

Please reply with any further questions.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Is 40-50 time considered rapid? I just want to be clear here. I can see and feel her stomach moving while she is breathing and although she says she is feeling better and is playing ( what 3 year old would not?) she has been showing breathing in the belly and chest all day, even after the treatments. She is sleeping soundly now and I have not heard her cough within the past hour where I am used to hearing her cough every 20 minutes or so.

I also want to be clear because she is sleeping and she has not gotten good rest for a few nights now and I feel like waking her up and taking her to the ER could make things worse for her. She was acting a little lethargic and cranky today, but she is also very tired from her condition and lack of good deep sleep.

more than 30 is faster than usual. more than 50 would take me to the hospital tonight. as long as she is sleeping soundly, leave her sleeping. BUT, I would quietly turn on the nebulizer at midnight and would not let her go all night without one. I would continue every 4 hours with the nebulizer and take her to she the pediatrician in the morning. only if things change and get worse would I go tonight.

Make sure that she is acting more like herself in the morning after a good nights sleep. check on her breathing every few hours tonight. Make sure that she is drinking well and well hydrated in the morning.

I hope that clarifies things. again please ask anything.

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