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Mom of three, MD
Mom of three, MD, Board Certified Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
Satisfied Customers: 167
Experience:  Private practice pediatrician; reputation for being a superb diagnostician and caring, loving doc
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Fever has been 101.9 102 it goes away then comes back ..

Customer Question

fever has been 101.9 102 it goes away then comes back .. mostly at night and a bad dry cough
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Mom of three, MD replied 8 years ago.
sorry your little one is sick!
How many days/nights has she had fever?
Other symptoms (runny nose, rash, vomiting, diarrhea?)
History of asthma or needing breathing treatments?
Acting sick or happily playing most of the day?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
just a fever no cold symptoms , no runny nose , no rash .... just a hard dry cough fever will come treat and go away .. but then will come back then go away since monday
Expert:  Mom of three, MD replied 8 years ago.
Most likely cause is a viral infection- a number of different viruses can cause persistent (at least 5 days) fevers. If she is happy and able to run around and play during the day that would be very reassuring. With the cough, other worries (all less likely than viral infection) would be: 1)pneumonia- when the fever is down (after Tylenol/Motrin), check her respiratory rate, that is, count how many times she breathes in 60 seconds. If she is breathing more than 35 times per minute a doctor should listen to her chest for signs of pneumonia. Other concerning signs would be use of her neck or abdominal muscles to help her breathe. If you look at her chest/abdomen while she is resting, you should not see her skin tucking in under or between her ribs, and her neck should look relaxed and quiet. Use of accessory muscles would also warrant a doctor visit, as this could also be a sign that her body is working extra hard to breathe. 2) wheezing/ asthma- same signs as above (fast breathing or difficult breathing) and possibly a high-pitched wheeze sound when she breathes fast 3) croup- a seal barking sound with the cough and/or a whistling sound when she inhales. Also look for difficult breathing as above 4) If she has swollen gland(s) in her neck, bloodshot eyes, peeling or swelling of hands/feet, with the 5 days of fever, a doctor should see her to consider Kawasaki. IF none of these problems is present, I would recommend a cool mist humidifier, lots of liquids by mouth, rest and more observation. Best of luck, I hope she is happy and fever-free very soon!
Expert:  Mom of three, MD replied 8 years ago.
I hope your child is better. Did I answer your question? DO you have any more questions?