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Hilary, Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
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Experience:  9 years work experience in ny/nj and mother to my 6 year old son
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My 4 day old newborn has developed diarrhea tonight. Is this

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My 4 day old newborn has developed diarrhea tonight. Is this normal? He was spitting up after regular formula so I switched him to Prosobee. He stopped spitting up for 24 hours and then tonight has developed explosive diapers and spit up everywhere. What do I do?

So let me get this straight so that I can best advise you -

you started on good start formula on day 1 of life - he spit up but did not have any diarrhea.

when did you switch to prosobee?

how many stools today in total?

is there any blood in the stool?

is there urine in the diapers - I know that it is probably hard to tell - but very important for me to know.

is the stool liquid or just runny stool?

is there mucous or blood in stool?

any vomiting today?

is he alert and awake for parts of the day or just very sleepy?

if you gently touch the soft spot on his head - does it sink in or is it just flat?

please reply so that I can help you make the best decision.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Started Prosobee 24 hours ago and he seemed to do much better. No spit up or anything until 2 hours ago. No blood in stool or mucous. Completely runny now. He spit up a lot 2 hours ago and that's when the diarrhea started. He has had 6 diarreah diapers since 7:00 p.m. He's been awake for 3 times for about 45 minutes each time. He's awake right now and just took 2 ounces of Good Start regular formula. This is the first of this he has had in 24 hours. His soft spot will sink in when I push it gently.

I dont want you to push the soft spot - just hold your hand on top of it - does your hand dip alot or is it just flat across for the most part. Does any one else in the house have a stomach virus - vomiting or diarrhea?

please reply

Hilary and other Pediatrics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He has a ridge where his soft spot is but it is not visibly sunken in. He seems okay but I'm just worried about this diarrhea that has started tonight. No one has a virus that he has been around. I think this ridge is just where his skull comes together.

OK well he seems hydrated. that is a good sign. I would continue with the good start for now. the prosobee does not seem to agree with him.

keep an eye on the amount of spit up and the amount of wet diapers and stool frequency.

if he continues to spit up with the good start there are 2 possibilities and they are treated very differently

1. milk protein allergy - basically allergic to the protein that is in the regular milk. this is treated by changing the formula to a non milk based formula like nutramigen or alimentum. signs of a milk allergy are persistent vomiting, a rash or blood in stool. I think that you are ok on this front for now.

2. Reflux - all babies are born with some degree of reflux. Depending on the severity, determines what gets done about it. If babies are eating well and gaining weight appropriately then not much is done. Precautions to take at home include burping frequently after each ounce of formula, keeping him upright after a feed for 20-30 min and smaller frequent feeds. if this doesnt help, then starting a medication like zantac or prevacid is given as a last resort in a few weeks.

If the spitting up does not improve, he should be seen by the pediatrician on tuesday. If he starts to get worse before better, than you should consider the ER as a last resort but that is only is he is not keeping any feeds down and you think that he is dehydrated - sunken flat spot, no urine in 8 hours, very sleepy and lethargic.

I dont think that will happen but i am trying to outline all scenarios.

please reply with any further questions. Please take a moment to leave feedback if I have answered all of your questions.