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Hilary, Pediatrician
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Experience:  9 years work experience in ny/nj and mother to my 6 year old son
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My nine year old is vomiting, no fever, with diarrhea,

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My nine year old is vomiting, no fever, with diarrhea, adominal pain that subsides after a while, swelling of abdomin, expells gas frequently, occassional loss of appetite, and complaining of stomach pain, what do I do or is there anything over the counter I can give him?

where is the abdominal pain. Is it all over? when did it begin and how severe is it. Is this an ongoing problem or a new problem. when did the vomiting begin and how many times. when did the diarrhea start? is there blood in the diarrhea?

please reply

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the pain is all over his stomach area, it started on Saturday nite, however it comes in spurts then it subsides. Hard to tell how severe, he holds his belly whining and bending over every now and then. It all began this weekend (Saturday) when he went to visit his father. He came home Sunday, said he felt better and began vomiting later that night, still no fever- so I gave him a little pepto bismal. Today he was fine up until about 1hr ago, he's been complaining his stomach hurts. Havent seen blood in diarrhea, however after he vomitted multiple times, he was spitting up clear mucus, had little bit of red color in it, like it may have been a bit of blood in it. Last night he threw up at least 5 times.
what did he have to eat on saturday. was there a big barbeque for the fourth of july
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Called his father he said- not much all day, a little bread, and water, he stayed in the bed all day Saturday, now he's says he actually got sick late late friday nite early sat morning. Sunday- had normal stuff, bowl of cereal in morning, taco for lunch, nothing else- came home around 7:30 pm and started throwing up within 15 mins of being home. Later that night he said he was hungry so I gave him soup broth and gave him 1/4 cup of gatorade every 30 mins, seemed a little dehydrated. Monday gave him soup 2 times today, with plenty of liquids. He's been gasy all day, at dinnertime he started complaining about his stomach he tried to eat a piece of a stomboli cause he said he was hungry

I certainly think he has a stomach virus that has been going on for several days. It should be getting better soon. Whether it is from the taco, or just exposure to someone who had a stomach virus, it is hard to tell. If he is gassy, avoid gassy vegetables and dairy until he feels better.

Peptobismal may help, but I think that you are better off getting an antigas medicine that contains simethicone, like children's gasX. Keep the diet on the plain side until he starts to feel better. If the stomach pain worsens, moves to the right lower side of his belly or develops fever, or blood in stool, then he needs to be seen by his doctor.

I hope that I have answered all of your questions. Please feel free to respond if you ahve further questions.

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thank you

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