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My 7 Year Old has had a vaginal itch mainly on her clitoris

Resolved Question:

My 7 Year Old has had a vaginal itch mainly on her clitoris and vulva for over 3 years. Many creams and treatments prescribed. Nothing is working. Could this be a persistant yeast?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr.Jason,MD-OB/GYN replied 8 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer


If yeast infection medications have been prescribed with no luck, then this is likely not a persistant or recurring yeast. Usually yeast infections will tend to reoccur in someone who has a damaged immune system due to conditions such as HIV, or Diabetes. I do recommend that she is tested for being diabetic if this is indeed a persistant yeast. Usually yeast infections will also cause a discharge. If you have not noticed any discharge the chances of this being a yeast is even lower.


Another condition that may cause vaginal itching in a child is a condition called vulvovaginitis. This is more common, and can be caused by poor hygeine (such as not wiping correctly), common irritants such as soaps and bubble baths, or even body wash and shampoo. Basically what happens is the skin around the vaginal area becomes very easily irritated before a child reaches puberty.


Other possible causes are she has foreign objects such as toilet paper stuck to the area which can cause a response such as this. Another source of itching may be Pinworms. This is commonly accompanied by rectal itching as well.


In my opinion, this is most likely vulvovaginitis. There are not many treatments , as it usually has to go away on its own. Hydrocortisone cream may be used as well as Benadryl to reduce itching . Your child may wish to soak in a sitz bath, which is warm clear water several times a day. I am going to enclose a link with information on this condition. It has many treatment options on it as well. Let me know if you have any further questions.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Hello Doctor,


Since there is no vaginal odor or discharge, I would agree this is probably vulvovaginitis, however, the treatments you have recommeded have been tried and they are just not working. I suspect we are currently at a itch and scratch cycle which is aggravating the situation. I need to get the "itch" under control so that we can get her comfort under control. We've even tried Zyrtec and Lidocaine to numb the area. Any other suggestions???



Expert:  Dr.Jason,MD-OB/GYN replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for the additional information.


You may try a hydrocortisone cream, and a Nystatin cream (you can get by prescription) along with a small dose of Children's Benadryl. I say a small dose because this may make her tired.


Everytime she uses the restroom she should alternate between the hydrocortisone cream and the Nystatin. Hydrocortisone will relieve itch and swelling, while Nystatin is for yeast treatment, sometimes used as a precautionary.


Speak with her physician about this treatment option. Thank you!


Have a wonderful day!



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