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Louise Sivak, M.D.
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My 6 year old son started had blood dripping from his anus

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My 6 year old son started had blood dripping from his anus after a bowel movement 2 days ago, I took him to the doctor and brought in a sample of his stool. They said that there was no signs of blood in the sample and sent us home. He had another BM and I closely monitored, the color of his stool was normal (brown) and no diarrhea. He doesn't have any pain anywhere or fever but there was still blood dripping towards the end of his bowl movement. It was bright red and I'm still worried. My son is jumping around and acting normal. Should I take him in again?

Hello, Lauryn,

Most likely your son has a fissure (small tear in the skin) near his anus, which would be nothing to worry about. Did his doctor examine him when you took in the stool sample? If your son is acting fine and has no other symptoms, I think it is safe to not take him back for another check unless pain, diarrhea, or another symptom develops. If you think your son might be a little constipated (which can cause tiny skin tears when he passes a BM), then try asking him to eat more fruits and vegetables (maybe easier said than done, I realize).

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the doctor examined him including checking his anus. He said everything looked normal. I will give him more fruits and vegetables. How long can I expect this to continue? I've been told by other people that it sounds like an internal hemmorrhoid but he's not itching or in a pain down there. Thank you.

Hello Lauryn,

Yes, if the doctor did not find a small skin tear, it could be an internal hemorrhoid. These do not always cause itching or pain, and do not lead to any serious problems later. The trace bleeding may come and go, but should go away completely when your son has easier BM's, which is why I recommend more fiber in his diet. If there is alot of blood, the bleeding soes not go away, or your son has any symptoms that worry him or you, the he should see his doctor again.


Louise Sivak, M.D.