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15 month old baby boy running a temperature between

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15 month old baby boy running a temperature between other symptoms? what could be causing this

Since when has the fever started?

Anyone else in the family/ friends/ having fever?

Is he having maybe just a little blocked nose or running nose?

Maybe just a little diarrhea or probably loose stools?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
lt;font face="#mce_temp_font#">My grandson started with bright red cheeks yesterday morning...after his AM nap (around 11:00) he awoke very warm...I took his temp it was 102.8...I gave him a dose of motrin (1.254 ml) 4:00 PM when his mom got home his temp was 103.2...two weeks ago his sister had a cold...he got the sniffles...slight cough...but since then seems fine...he is mouth breeding and his nose may be stuffed...she is now giving him tylenol and motrin at different intervals...temp is still 102 this morning...he was seen by his doctor last evening...but nothing abnormal was discovered...what could be going on?</font>

Thanks. I had thought so, and there is nothing to be so scared about, but please get the child checked up by a doctor. The child has a cold and that’s why has mouth breathing and has slight sniffles and cough. The only thing that is worrying is the high fever. Please do not let it go beyond 102 degrees otherwise the child may have febrile convulsions. If it does, please do some cold sponging and bring down the fever to 100 degrees. Some antibiotics and decongestants may be prescribed in addition, depending on the clinical findings, by the doctor.

Best wishes.

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