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Dr Singh
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Experience:  MBBS, Family doctor, experienced in childhood and adolescent health problems.
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My 3 year old son has a high Temperature of 39.5 since last

Resolved Question:

My 3 year old son has a high Temperature of 39.5 since last night, I gave him 5ml calpol 10ml neorofin straight away,it took almost 2 hours for it to drop to 38, his temp through out the day has been high and I've been given him 10ml calpol every 4 hours, but it still not dropping back below 37.6,his skin is hot to touch but yet he says he's cold,he has lots of mucus coming from his nose when he sneezes,no other symptoms,he is drinking fluids but not eating much can you help please.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr Singh replied 8 years ago.

His symptoms indicate viral respiratory infection. It appears that his fever is responding to Calpol. A temperature of 38 is not something to be worried about and this can persist despite taking medication due to the infection. Viral infection typically takes 5-10 days to resolve on its own, and till then only supportive treatment is indicated. Continue with Calpol and fluids for now. Offer him frequent foods to maintain the nutrition. If the symptoms get worse, or do not respond to medication, he should be seen by a pediatrician.

Dr Singh
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