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What is the normal blood iron level for a 15 month old

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What is the normal blood iron level for a 15 month old toddler? My son is at 9.3. I have received conflicting information that he is extremely anemic and that he is only slightly anemic.

The severity of anemia is determined by Hemoglobin levels. Iron levels are only helpful in determining the cause of anemia. Are you sure the number 9.3 is iron level and not hemoglobin concentration? Also do you know the units of this result? Since when is your son anemic?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

To be honest I am not 100% sure. Here is te situation. He had ear tubes put in and his adenoids removed on Jan 5th. We had to have a CBC done a few days before his surgery. Two days after his CBC was complete, his doctors office called and said his level was 9.3 and the doctor did not accept anything below 11. So they put him on the Ferrous Sulfate, which after being on it for 2 weeks, he would start screaming and sweating shortly after I would give him his dose (he was on 0.6 mL 3 times a day), then he would fall asleep for awhile after each dose. I called his doctor repeatedly for more information and just got the run around. So, I went into her office on Saturday to talk to her face to face. I finally got her to change his medicine to the Icar but could never get a straight answer on what exactly the test results were.

On a side note, he had been on antibiotics for severe ear infections for almost three months straight. Due to the infection he was not eating or sleeping well. This is the reason for the tubes.

Thanks for additional info. This did clear up a lot a of things for me to answer.

The level 9.3 was most definitely the blood hemoglobin concentration, and not iron levels. The normal level in adults is 13.5 to 17 g/dl, and in a 2 year old, normal range would be slightly low by 1-2 g/dl. So for your son having a level of 9.3 would indicate mild to moderate anemia. It can't be considered as severe, but for the purpose of surgery, most pediatric surgeons would want a minimum level of 10.

Because he had history of infections and poor feeding, it would explain the cause of anemia as being due to nutritional deficiency. So his levels should improve upon resolution of infection and intake of well balanced diet. Iron supplements will help achieve this result faster.

Dr Singh
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