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Does a baby's blood come from the father or mother? How &

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Does a baby's blood come from the father or mother? How & why?

HelloCustomerand thank you for allowing me the opportunity to discuss this with you. Actually the childs blood is made from the childs bone marrow and other blood producing cells in its body. The matrix for the blood comes from the genetic makeup and therefore both parents donate their share of genetic material to the childs dna matrix. As an example, if the child is A- blood type, then one parent can be AO- and the other parent can be AA-, AO-, or OO-. This is also the case for the first parent. The child will receive an allele from each parent and the childs dna makeup for blood typing is a combination of both parents. In the above example, if the child is A- then the childs dna for blood can be any of the following possibilites: AA, AO. So you see that this child gets both dna genes from the parents equally. I would point you to the website for genetics in medicine at the NIH website. Good luck and I hope this helps in some small way. (PS: Let me tell you that it can be very complicated and therefore some study is needed to understand it fully)

Dr Jeff

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