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The gas stove was accidentally left on low for 2 hours

Resolved Question:

The gas stove was accidentally left on low for 2 hours (there wasn''t even a flame but the gas was burning), is my 11-month infant at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning? She was sleeping in her room with the door & windows closed.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 9 years ago.
If your infant is acting normally at this time, it is probably OK.

Incomplete burning of natural gas (along with other things like charcoal, your car exhaust) can emit carbon monoxide, which in high levels, can prevent your body from getting oxygen to your heart and brain and other organs.

This would cause headache, lethargy, confusion, problems with speech, nausea, vomiting, etc in adults. In infants it would cause irritability, nausea, sleepiness/lethargy.

However, the levels from a stove burning for two hours is probably very low, and if there was a problem, you would have noticed it by now.
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