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My 3 year old grandson was diagnosed with mono - just 4 days

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My 3 year old grandson was diagnosed with mono - just 4 days ago. I was caring for him and noticed that his neck glands seemed swollen and his mother asked if I would take him to the walk-in medical clinic. An examination was done and the doctor also said he had swollen lymph glands under his armpits and his groin - some swelling of the liver but not the spleen. He has no fever - a bit of a red throat and a swab test was completed - results have not yet been received. My concern is that I am looking after him today and the left side of his neck has swollen even more. It doesn''t appear to hurt him at all - he is still active and doesn''t seem to be in any discomfort. Still no fever, however, he has been taking unusually long naps and not eating very good. My daughter will be seeing her family physician once the throat swab results are in (possibly a couple of days). Should I be overly concerned?

Significant swelling of lymph nodes and fatigue are two of the most common findings in mononucleosis. The fact that he was seen by a physician, the fact that he is still active, and not having any trouble swallowing are all good signs.

If he seems to be getting sicker, then he should of course be seen by a physician immediately.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you - however, everything I've read about mono suggests that a low grade fever accompanies the infection. I have been taking his temp and it has read 37 each time. Also, does the swelling of the glands last as long as the child has the mono or is it just a symptom that should have passed by now?

Thank you
In some patients the fever really is not that prominent of a feature. The lack of a fever does not exclude this as a POSSIBLE diagnosis.

The enlarged lymph nodes can persist for weeks after the initial diagnosis.
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