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ASacks, Psychologist
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Educational Psychologist and Parent Coach
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Sacks, my son will turn two in a few days. Can he already

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Dear Ms. Sacks, my son will turn two in a few days. Can he already understand that this is his birthday or a special day and how can I make the birthday most enjoyable for him? Me and my husband will be with him. Due to the corona virus we are not allowed to host guests.



Thank you for the question. It is always heartwarming to see how much parents wish to make their children's lives happier and better. Your son most likely doesn't understand that it is his birthday or a special day. He will also not remember this day, as memories are only formed after the age of 4 years.


But I would celebrate this special day... both for you as parents and for him to remember when he is older. I have a few ideas on how you can celebrate, but it's really up to you... have a day centred around doing things he enjoys... play games together, tons of balloons around the house, eat his favourite foods, listen to lots of happy music, tell him you love him and all the things that are great about him, write a letter to him for the future telling him about this memorable birthday and all the things you wish for him in his life.


Even though he won't recall this on a memory level he will recall it on an emotional level and the happiness and joy that you provide for him will make him a more confident, secure little person.


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Customer: replied 6 days ago.
Hi, yes, thank you so much!

I am glad to help. Keep safe and sane during these times. Please remember to rate my answer so I can continue to help others :)

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