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TherapistJen, LCSW, CPC
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When i take my grandson to pre-school, he doesnt want to

Customer Question

when i take my grandson to pre-school, he doesnt want to stay. he doesnt want to eat. he doesnt want me to leave. he just started approx. 2 months ago. he will be 5 in jamuary.he lives with myself, his mommy his granpa and his uncle. we all partake in his upbringing. his gather is a drug addict and rarely comes to see him. however, when i took him today he was crying that he didnt want to stay. we were in the clas room and all the other kids were all sitting at the tables waiting for thier snack except Dane ( my grandson) . so im thinking why is this like this? could it be something is bothering him about the school activities? at home? is this normal? or something be concerned about ? i dont understand, i mean all the other kids were very comfortable and co operative and seemed content except my little guy. although he is the only white hchild in class, im not sure if that might even be it. becasue he is different? we do not emphasize on color race or sex. we are not prejudice in any way. everyone is the same we have taught him this. so i honestly do not understand why my little guy was the only child that was having a hard time going to class with his friends. please help me . thank you
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  TherapistJen replied 11 months ago.

Sorry to hear your anguish over this but what what he is experiencing is normal even if it appears that all of his classmates are sitting and involved in the activities. Many children at this age have a hard time at drop off but then do quite well during the day. If he wasn't doing well, then the teachers would express their concern. Leaving them at school is often more difficult for us as the caregivers but usually after a few minutes, they do just fine. He is attached to you and the rest of his family so it is natural that he desires to be with you, but most likely he is doing just fine after a bit. And you can always check in with his teacher to ask about how he does after you have left and if he is involved with the activities.

Expert:  TherapistJen replied 11 months ago.

I am here when you are available.