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DrMerc, Clinical Psychologist
Category: Parenting
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In a california public school district can a parent ask for

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In a california public school district can a parent ask for a class change?

DrMerc :


DrMerc :

HiThis is a frustratiing situation.

DrMerc :

First, you can ask for whatever you want!! I am a big believer in asking for what you want. Having said that, a bit of investigating may be in order. There are many laws that govern what schools can and cannot do. Some laws are federal, some state and then sometimes school districts are left to make decisions themselves. Giving the school the benefit of the doubt, I would assume that your sons placement was an oversight. Perhaps this issue slipped through the cracks. The first thing to do, is call his counselor/advisor and find out who made the decision for the placement and why they made that decision. It is possible that the school did not feel that he was ready to move up given his performance, but that needs to be clarified. As he was out on medical leave, the school should have made arrangements for your son to complete his work. Was there a liaison between you and the school during his leave? Did he miss other assignments or tests?

Customer: That is the big issue I am working on with them. They were informed about my sons medical situation and nobody bothered to let us know about this test. I found about it after I complained to the school about his placement in the same class with the same teacher in the new scoop year!
Customer: The school completely failed to support my son on this issue! All along he had B's but because of missing some assignments that were turned in late due to the medical situation he did not get credit for and therefore the C+!
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Did you reach out to the head of student services? When you complained, who did you speak with? From what you are saying, the school behaved in an illegal manner. DO you know if there are student advocate organizations in your area. If you can tell me what district you are in I might be able to tell you. If nothing else go to the state board of education. Here is the link. I will be around later today if you want to follow up.