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Same situation as described in the 25 yr. old daughter

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Same situation as described in the 25 yr. old daughter wants to be a man....she is just now moving in with her 'boyfriend', a transgender wtm, two roommates who all have no cash and don't work. My daughter is paying for the lease, food, gas, everything for four people. She won't even get a written agreement from them. She will be penniless in a year after her trust is gone. I have told her that I love her and will respect her decisions, but she wants continued $$ and more. What now?
Hello. You indicated that she wanted continued $, so I'm assuming you are supporting her to some degree. I would cut her off unless she gets an agreement from them, and I would also consider getting an agreement from HER about any money that you do give to her. She needs to learn by her own mistake and you are going to have to let her, as difficult as it is. She is 25 and can make these choices, even if they are bad ones. Let her learn her lesson and try to cut her off or at the very least, minimize her support.
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