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Bonnie, Psychologist
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  and pediatric nurse practitioner with 30 years of experience counseling parents.
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My 5 yr old son is overly hyper. He has trouble managing his

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My 5 yr old son is overly hyper. He has trouble managing his extra energy and, most nights, will stay up all night. If he is made to sit for any period of time, he hill bounce in his seat, rock bank and forth, and have loud outbursts . . . Unless he is watching TV. Then he sits still. He starts school in the fall and we are worried he will be too disruptive and may be seen as a "problem". He is advanced for his age and learns quickly, if you can get him to sits till long enough. His pediatrician wouldn't treat him for ADHD because of his age, but prescribed Clonidine to help him sleep, but it doesn't work. We just relocated and his new doctor completely dismissed our concern and referred him to a psychologist. Out of desperation, we have started giving him Melatonin as a sleep aid. This does help some, if we can get him to lay down long enough to rest. Some family members thing it's a discipline issue, but I'm not going to punish him for something that he can't control, if that's the case. I'm at my wits end and would appreciate some advice and guidance.

Hello and thank you for consulting JA,

I am sorry you are finding barriers to getting the correct diagnosis and treatment. The melatonin is a good choice as a sleep aid and I am glad it is working for him. It sounds very likely that he has ADHD and needs medication. The kindergarten teacher will be forever grateful that you get this problem taken care of before school starts. Even more important, the activity level may interfere with his ability to learn and he will also benefit. Many pediatricians prefer that a psychologist make a diagnosis before they will prescribe medication. This is good practice and so, please do not feel he or she was dismissing your concerns. If it is ADHD, it is not a discipline matter and you are right to not discipline something he has no control over.

Here is a website that will help you to find a psychologist:

I know it says FIND A THERAPIST but this list includes psychologists.

Here is another place to look:

I hope this is helpful to you.

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