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My two-year old son will most likely grow up as an only child.

Customer Question

My two-year old son will most likely grow up as an only child. I'm o.k. with that, but I want to ensure that he grows up to be a young man who is empathatic, knows how to share, and doesn't believe that he's entitled to everything he wants.

I know that I learned a lot of these things when I was growing up because I had a brother and sister. We grew up knowing that we couldn't all have what we wanted and that sometimes our parents were going to make decisions that didn't seem 'fair' to us at the time.

I'm looking for some tips on how to teach my son these same lessons. He's in daycare so he's around other children for several hours a week. But his teachers have mentioned that he seems to struggle more with sharing than other kids do. I know this is partially because of his age. But I also think that it's partially because he has our undivided attention at home and doesn't have to wait his turn.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 4 years ago.
I wouldn't read too much into what the daycare person says. At two years old, it is all about them. So, sharing is not necessarily a part of their being. I would say that your concerns are legitimate, but at the same time, because you are aware of these things, you will take steps to teach these values. Your son does not have to have siblings to learn how to share or to not feel entitled. It depends on what you do. If you give in to everything he wants, then he will be a spoiled and entitled. So instead, as he gets older, he has chores, saves money for things, and he doesn't get everything he wants. This is totally in your control. Have him socialize and he will learn to share. If not, then he gets disciplined until he learns. All of this will come in time. As parents we just try to do our best and hope it works. Good luck to you.