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Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Degree in early years,16 years experience in childcare
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Good morning I have a daughter of 11 years old and require

Customer Question

Good morning

I have a daughter of 11 years old and require some advice on her eating habits...
She is incredibly fussy still and feel at this age , we would be over this all..
I cant get her to drink water and most vegetables no matter how I try to make them taste. She doesn't like her foods touching other foods and she wont eat sandwiches . she will only eat toast with cheese on it. She will eat things like cucumber and tomato but potato is the her stable vegetable. i have got her to try new foods but it is such a battle for me to to get her to eat healthy.

She is for the most part very healthy but I would really like her to eat what the rest of the household eats as it gets tiring cooking separately for her too. I also find myself lost when it comes to her school lunches as she will eat some foods at home but will not eat them at school. I notice the other children in her class with sandwiches and they eat them but mine wont .

Please could you give me some much needed advice...Is it normal at this age to be so fussy still?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  professional_Alison replied 4 years ago.

professional_Alison : Hello there, may I help you? I think the key here is to work with your daughter. Sit down together and list all the food she likes. Instead of sandwiches for lunch try bagels or wraps or pasta salad. Plan a weeks menus and try to fit your daughter likes into your menu to a point but also set a rule that you would like her to at least try what the family are having even if she doesn't like it. Just put a to y amount on her plate. She is at a sensitive age where you don't want good to become an issue. Try to remain relaxed in your approach to her and good even if you don't feel it. Things like food touching on the plate are not uncommon. If she is eating fruit and some vegetables just ask her which new item she would like to try. Aim for one a week an make it he choice! Try having a dip or sauce to try it with. Perhaps also try making a bolignasr sauce with puréed vegetables in it to hide the taste.
professional_Alison : You could also encourage her to perhaps help you prepare a meal or a dessert based on healthy eating. Perhaps a fruit crumble or chicken and vegetable kebabs with dip.
professional_Alison : It is important here to make your daughter feel she is being given choices and her opinion values rather than forced to eat food she doesn't like. So sit down with a pen and paper and put the decisions down to her. Introduce new foods very gradually and try not to worry or make a big thing about what she eats. You will find this approach will be welcomed rather than fair cling the issue. I wish you luck.
professional_Alison : *food
professional_Alison : Do let me know if yu need any further assistance.