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professional_Alison, Child Care
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Degree in early years,16 years experience in childcare
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Hi, I have just started a relationship With a Single dad of

Customer Question

Hi, I have just started a relationship With a Single dad of two (Daughter 6 Son 4) and I am a Single mum of two (Son 7, Daughter 5).
we used to be neighbors, and our kids got along great, but now that they have moved to another house and we have started seeing each other I am having a lot of problems with my kids and im not sure if its to do with me and my boyfriend.

Two days ago my son gave his son a bag which was fine until they went to leave, He sore what was in the bag and asked my boy if his boy was aloud to have it and I must have missed something cos the next ting I know hes telling my boy not the give his boy something if hes just going to take it back.

Today on the other hand my Daughter kicked his boy in the face im not sure if it was an accident or not but she didn't know why she done it. I found out two days ago that my girl has started being bad at school. shes been lying, punching, hitting, scribbling on others work and I have no idea why.

Please tell me how to fix all this as our relationship (2 weeks) is about to disintegrate and I hate to say its cos of my kids I don't want blame on them as I know the blame comes to me as a parent but they are not usually like this.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  professional_Alison replied 4 years ago.

professional_Alison : Hello there, may I help you?
professional_Alison : If this behaviour has only begun since you had a new boyfriend I may well be a reaction to the change. Sit down with them as ask them how they feel about you an him, ask them if they like him etc, if the answer is negative then you need to introduce him into your family time very gradually. Plan an outing, something fun for them to do with you both, perhaps bowling or a picnic. It's key key to make sure thy dont feel pushed out by your new relationship.
professional_Alison : It may be that your children are unsettled that your relationship with your neighbour has gone from being friends to something more. But dealt with slowly and sensitively they should settle down. Perhaps also speak with the school about the changes in behaviour as set in place a plan on how you deal with it.
professional_Alison : Do let me know if I can assist you further.