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camd2000, Parent Coach/Therapist
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Child and Family Therapist, Parent Educator and Mother.
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My 26 month old toddler keeps asking me and my husband to cry.

Customer Question

My 26 month old toddler keeps asking me and my husband to cry. He seems to like seeing people crying. should I be concerned about this?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  camd2000 replied 4 years ago.

camd2000 :

Hi and thank you for using Just Answer. It sounds like your son might be at the beginning stages of exploring feelings. I would start to teach him about feelings by reading him some books and playing some games about emotions. How am I Peeling? Is a great and fun book about feelings. Here are some ideas of games you can play: you can draw different faces on a piece of paper (or find pictures on the computer) and name the different feelings. You can even talk about what makes people sad, mad, happy. You can also make different feeling faces, ask him to imitate them and name them. Let him explore the feelings a bit and see where it goes. I don't think at this age it is something to be concerned about. But, if he continues to only be fixated on crying even after you have taught him about other feelings (and after another couple weeks or so) then please send me another question and we can "talk" further. I hope you are satisfied with my answer. If so, I would appreciate a positive rating. If not, please ask follow up questions so that I can assist you further. All the Best, Kerrie

JACUSTOMER-4jc2hhnz- :

Thank you for your reply. He is already very in touch with feelings and has a good understanding of a variety of them. We show him pictures of emotional faces and he can identify and mimic them.

Expert:  camd2000 replied 4 years ago.
That is wonderful that your son is in touch with his feelings. It sounds like you have done a great job teaching him about his feelings. I would not be concerned about him asking you to cry - it is just part of the learning process and further exploring feelings, and people's reactions. Is there something in particular that you are worried about when he asks you to cry?

I understand that you were not satisfied with my response. I hope to provide you with the best service possible. Are there further questions I can answer? Or anything I can do to clarify or better answer your question? Thank you for being a Just Answer customer.

Best, Kerrie