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Why do SOME parents in Africa choose to have children if they

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Why do SOME parents in Africa choose to have children if they are unable to care for them? I am referring to all the children in Africa endangered by famine and other dangers. And now that I think about it, why do parents that are poor anywhere choose to have children if they are unable to care for them? For example, this co-worker of mine is always complaining and always mad at everybody because he is in financial difficulty, yet he and his wife chose to have 12 or 13 children. Thank you.


There are many reasons why this can take place. It is unfortunate for the children. However, in a lot of other countries they do not have nor believe in birth control. Also, some of it can even be part of their religion.

In poverty stricken countries they have a different way of thinking than western world. They are living in poverty already and it is not the children that caused them to be in poverty. Therefore naturally they have children because it is their way of life and all they know.

Some governments such as China even go as far as limiting the amount of children a family can have to one each in order to prevent this problem since your concerns are logical even despite their different way of life.

As for your friend if he is here in the states it could be due to the above depending on his background or could be simply that he is being irresponsible and not planning ahead. Some people just want a large family and will do whatever it takes. They see no difference financially if they have one child or many since there are many families struggling who have only one child.

I hope this helped and please let me know if I can be of further help.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In other words, it's kind of because of what other people might think of them, right?

I don't think they really care what other people think of them. I think if they cared they probably wouldn't have so many children. They are mainly focusing on their religion and beliefs. Also, for some that is all they know and are not well educated enough to know any different especially in some other countries.
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