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Dr. G.
Dr. G., Psychologist
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Scenario: married couple. he works full time, she is a full

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Scenario: married couple. he works full time, she is a full time housewife. 9 months old male infant, very active, healthy, their first child. Mum's mother, is available to her most of the time and willing to do so. Dad's mother works and is available like 3-4times a week for a few hours. Both mum and dad have cars. They live in a building with security in a safe area.

As a rule, who shall be doing the following:
1-shopping, both physically and online
2-scheduling and going to non-emergency follow-up doctor's appointments
3-doing the night time and early morning feeding and caring

Dr. G. :

Hi there

Dr. G. :

There is no rule for these types of things. The bigger question is how come the two of you can't come to a doable plan?


You tell me. Of course there are no rules and I should have asked differently. In your experience, what is the arrangement, that usually takes place most of the time, in a scenario like mentioned

The person who stays home does the shopping, cleaning, cooking, and attending appointments. Feedings can be done by both parents. Probably the one who works does both the late and early feedings to give the stay at home parent a break.
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