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Adviser Mills C.C.D.
Adviser Mills C.C.D., Child Care
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  15 years Plus, Preschool Owner, Teen Mentor
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How do I confront a gay brother-in-law about his long hugs,

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How do I confront a gay brother-in-law about his long hugs, back rubs, too close ( for my comfort ) sitting with my son while looking at car magazines (let's just say car pictures are " porn" for the brother-in-law. My son is just getting into the age range of my brother-in-law's " desires" and I have just about had enough of having to watch this and babysit these two when they are around each other. My son has no idea what may or may not be going on, but I understand this behavior as "grooming". It has just started a few months ago.

Adviser Mills C.C.D. :

Hello, I need to ask is there any sign of sexual dysfunction with your brother in law, or just the homosexuality makes you

Adviser Mills C.C.D. :

Hello, I need to ask is there any sign of sexual dysfunction with your brother in law, or just the homosexuality makes you uncomfortable

Adviser Mills C.C.D. :

If you believe that there is any grooming whatsoever going on with your child, then you must not have them around this person at all. Family or not. If this is an issue that has happened in your family and you know that he desires children, you must protect your child and all children at all cost. This is not an issue to bite your tongue about at all. What is the age of your son and the brother in law in question?

Adviser Mills C.C.D. :

This is a very general question. So I will need more details.I do need to tell you that if there is anything going on with children and your brother in law. Like there are desires that you know exist. Please get him into a clinic as soon as possible before anyone is hurt. There are clinics to help people If you know that there has been a victim, you need to report right away. And whatever you do, do not have your child around this person until you know exactly what is going on. Please let me know more details so I can help you. If you start a new thread put Advisor Mills and I will answer. I want to help you get to the bottom of this situation and keep every one in your life safe.


Homosexuality is not an issue with me. I believe you are wired the way you are and everyone finds their own way. My son just turned 12 and the BIL is 46. I am 51. This is my only child. My wife has always said that car magazines were what the BIL would read to get his pleasures as a youth and it probably continues to this day. BIL has many "dear friends" but they all seem to be young men - teens and such. I just don't get a car fetish, however. I am so uncomfortable with what I am seeing starting to develop and the time has come to do something. I just don't trust BIL and I would rather be accused of being paranoid now than trying to repair a broken soul later.

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Yes Totally agree, always go with your gut and intuition. Sexual deviance in any manner should be dealt with swiftly.
I hope everything is ok with your family Jay, let me know if you ever need help again.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, everything is working out, for now. We have told our son that he cannot be in a room alone with the Uncle and so far everyone seems to be accepting this. We still have our work cut out on this, but we have some breathing room.



Great, his protection, is number one. It does not matter who you have to make uncomfortable. also, I encourage if you think anyone has been harmed take it to the next level. Other than that, protect your on. Hope you have a great day.