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We have questions about naptime for 28-month-old twins. We

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We have questions about naptime for 28-month-old twins. We normally put them both down for a nap in the afternoon. They will sleep for one to two hours. It is a routine we have always kept. The problem is our son, is having problems sleeping at the time we have always had set in the past, which is about 2pm. Now he wants to play in his crib, and get out and do other things, but then when it comes around 5pm he is very tired and falling asleep. With it being 5pm, we fear it is too late for a nap, for otherwise he will not sleep when we put him down for a night's sleep.

With this said, should we punish him for not trying to settle down and at least be quiet and close his eyes. Explain to him; he does not need to go to sleep, but only lay down, or should we at this moment allow him to stay up and take the nap much later when he is really tired or skip the nap entirely?
Hello. You should not punish him. He can't help it if he is not tired at that time and he is at other times. I would explain to him, as it seems you have that if he doesn't sleep now, he will be tired later. I would try a few different things with him, as there are no set rules to this type of behavior. It depends on the child. I would try skipping the nap altogether and when he gets tired, use that as an opportunity to explain that if he had taken a nap earlier, he could stay up now with the rest of the family and play. I might also try putting him for a nap maybe at 3 instead of 2 and see if that works. Try a few different things and find what works for both you and him. Remember that he is not in control of how tired he is, he just knows how he feels at any given moment. Sometimes it doesn't always work with the parents' plans !
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