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An 18 year old boy in last year of high school had been living

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An 18 year old boy in last year of high school had been living with his divorced father. He has moved out of his father's house and moved in with an unaccompanied man in his forties who charges him no rent. The divorced mother is concerned about her son's welfare and wants to know how she can go about probing the man's background in as much detail as possible.

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I understand the mother's concern. That is something to be worried about. The best thing the mother can do is to check with the local police department whether or not he is a pedophile. This information is public record and the law is that they make known who is a pedophile. She can also check the national sex offender website which is Also, there are many sites online that offer background searches on individuals for a fee. There is a site called that is free. However, sometimes things do get slipped at times with those. She can also go to her local court to check if there are any active or closed criminal cases on this man as well as check any court houses where she knows he may have lived. Most court cases allow things to be done online as well as by phone.

I hope she is able to find the information she needs since this is a very concerning issue and I know she wants the best for her son. Please let me know if I can help any further whether you may have any more questions or need clarification.