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When a 12 years old does not want to go to sleep at 10.30 pm

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When a 12 years old does not want to go to sleep at 10.30 pm and prefers to read a book instead of doing his homework and asks his mother to "wake him up early the next morning" so he can finish his homework, what a mother should do she knows that it will be a drama in the morning, a child will never get up at 5 am ever..
That is a tough situation since you do want to encourage reading, but at the same time want to avoid the drama in the morning and do want the child to get adequate sleep. A good amount of sleep for a 12 year old is 8-9 hours a night, so it would not be good for the child to read at that time and do HW at 5am.

Is there something that can be done so HW could be done earlier. This would be best. If the child can get the HW done earlier then can read a book in bed. Would that work? If not let me know and I would be happy to offer more ideas....
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you very much for tying to help me, however, the wole problem is that my son gets home from school around 4.00, then he practices piano for two and a half hours every day, has dinner and then starts his homework, which is loads and loads of. He is tired by 10.00 pm and wants just to unwind and read for pleasure. He promises every single time to get up in the morning but begs for sleep then. I am not sure there is an easy way to correct it. He can't practice pano at night as neighbors complain.. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX appreciate your expert advice.
Thank you for explaining. I understand and that is a busy schedule. I know at that age the homework can be a lot. Maybe he can practice piano for an hour less. This might correct the problem unless he needs to practice for that certain amount of time due to other reasons. If that is not possible then you can try having him do as he wants then maybe if it doesn't work out and he is continuously tired or unable to finish his homework then he may change his mind and try and finish his homework at night instead of reading. If he does not chose this you can tell him he would not be able to read at night until he finishes his HW.

Another idea is depending how many days a week he plays piano. If it is not possible to practice piano an hour less each time then maybe M - Thurs he can practice an hour less to have time for HW and reading then maybe he can make up the lost practice time on the Fri, Sat, and Sun.

I hope this is helpful. If not and you have any other information I would be happy to continue helping. Thank you,

Another idea is that usually schools will tell you how long the HW will take. If it is taking too long maybe you can speak to them and they can lessen the load. I know all schools are different, but just wanted to bring that to your attention in case a possible option.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The middle school director in fact told parents in a curriculum night that they should send 2 1/2 to 3 hours nightly for homework, one hour of which is for math alone.. I can let him fail and learn from it, so that he reads as much he wants to and never finish his homework and gets punished in school. I don't do that as he never gets grades lower tan A -, and when e ges A - he becomes restless and miserable , so I cant ever let him fail. I either pull Dumas out f his hands, using force, and he screams or wake him up at 5 pm..
Tank you