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earthsister, Parent
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Home Child Care Provider, and mother of 4; two pre-teen boys and twin baby girls.
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My 3 year old

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My 3 year old
Hello, what specifically are you looking for help with regarding your 3 year old this evening?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She will be 3 in November, and she basically refuses to use the potty. I have to force her to sit on the toilet, sometimes up to 30 mins at a time when I know she has to go, only for her to poop in the tub or in her diaper. How am I aupposed to potty rain her?

Potty training can be a very difficult task for both parent and child. The first thing that you want to be sure is that you do not pressure her to use the potty, and stay calm and don't get frustrated about it yourself. Encourage her to be a big girl, letting her know that big boys and girls use the potty, and that you know that she is a big girl, and can do it. Give her some form of incentive for using the potty; "When you can be a big girl and use the potty, Mommy will reward you with *insert a new tot, activity/trip to the zoo, or something else that she would really enjoy*." Whenever she does make efforts to use the potty, congratulate and praise her, even if she doesn't do it that time. Say: "That's ok, at least you tried! We'll do better next time." When she does make a mistake and uses the tub or her pants, don't get angry (I know that's not least don't show her your anger). Do tell her that this is not where you go, big boys and girls use the potty, and again encourage her . There are two books that although my twins are not potty training quite yet, they do enjoy: Potty Time with Elmo:

and Potty Time with Abby:

If your daughter loves Sesame Street, or these two characters, she'll love this book! Read to her at potty time, use that time as a fun and educational experience as well. There are also many potty training books that are available; if you need any other ideas please let me know. Overall, remain persistent and calm. Reward her for her efforts and eliminate punishment, as you do not want her to become insecure or uncomfortable about using the bathroom.

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