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Is there a great on-line learning program that we could start

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Is there a great on-line learning program that we could start with our two toddlers? We have twins who are turning 29 months old, and we are interested in some type of free, or inexpensive home-schooling on-line program that we could start now with them that would give us a structured learning program. We are Americans who have been travel around the world with them. We were in Barcelona this past spring, Paris this past summer, and we will be in Cyprus this fall. We have them enrolled in swim and music classes, and they have many outdoor activities, but thought best to start a structured learning program with them at home.

robertsykes :

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robertsykes :

I still use resources from both of these for my children. My mother in law, who is an infant teacher (special needs focus) also rates this site, and recommended it to me.

robertsykes :

You can select according to age range or UK syllabus "key stage". This is fairly universal.

robertsykes :

A good site for "learning games" that our local schools recommend is and my kids love it.

robertsykes :

I have made assumptions throughout this answer that your toddlers have no developmental problems and that they have access to a laptop or PC with you. If you would like to correct me, or ask me further questions, please do so; I would be delighted to try to help further. If you have been happy with this answer, please rate it highly (you can still ask me follow up questions!)

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Hi, I just wanted to add that, given the ages of your children, I would stick to non-formal education in the form of the above type sites. An overly formalized education, according to almost all educationalists is both unnecessary, and can actually damage future development in this age group. Toddlers need to focus on learning their social skills and motor skills. Enthusiastic parents who talk about things and encourage an inquiring mind, usually reap the rewards! If you are still traveling when they are aged 4-6, formalized tutoring should start then.

Best wishes