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My 5 week old son has problems after feedings and never seems

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My 5 week old son has problems after feedings and never seems to sleep. He is on the 3rd formula as per the doctors recomendations. He is on Previcid for Acid reflux but seems to still have the same problems. He is fussy all the time after feedings and seems to be in pain after each feeding. Is there something I am missing?
Hello. I speak to you with both professional and personal experiences, as my daughter (now 17 months old) had problems with acid reflux as well when she was the same age as your son. My pediatrician also changed formulas and tried previcid and nothing helped. I finally took matters into my own hands and put her back on the original formula she was on, which was not Soy Based and not any special formula. It was Gerber Great Start. I out her back on that and stopped the Previcid. I fed her whenever she was hungry and not on a specific schedule. I made sure she was sitting up when I was feeding her, or at least very close to sitting up almost straight and I did not lie her down until she burped and spent at least 5 minutes sitting upright. These little observations and changes were what made the difference. I found in my own experience that the previcid actually made it worse, as it is very strong tasting and she had a stressful time swallowing it, along with mixing with the flavor of the formula, she was just not happy about feeding, which caused stress and it was a catch 22. Going back to basics is what helped my daughter and I. As far as the sleeping schedule, that will take care of itself. You just have to go with whatever he is showing you that he needs right now. As stressful as it is for you and the lack of sleep that I'm sure you are also experiencing, you need to listen to him and if he is tired, he will sleep. If you get the feedings and acid problems under control, that may be a big part of it. If you feel like you want to give him something to help, look into the natural remedies. They are less harsh and have a better taste. He will get better and better with it. ALso, try not to be stressed when he is. I know that is hard for a new mom, but I found that my tension was carrying over into the feedings and she was feeling that tension. Try to make feedings, quiet and as stress free as possible. I hope that helps a bit. You are not alone. This is a very common problem.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We have tried and or currently doing all of those things. none of which is working thanks for the advice

Ok. Sometimes it just takes some time. It is all individual. Just be careful with making so many changes, even at a Drs advice. Changes can be worse than the original problem in some cases. He will certainly grow out of it. I wish you luck. I understand the stress you are going through with it.

I'm sorry you needed to give me a "Poor Service" rating which effects my overall rating in a very bad way. I gave you the best advice that I could based on experience and if the things you are trying aren't working, I don't feel as if that counts as "poor advice."


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