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earthsister, Parent
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 141
Experience:  Home Child Care Provider, and mother of 4; two pre-teen boys and twin baby girls.
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We had to ask our son to leave after a lot of things went missing

Customer Question

We had to ask our son to leave after a lot of things went missing from around the house we also know that he was take drugs and his behaviour was terrible he is now staying in a hostel which the concil have allocated him.He has fretted to take his life because life is not worth living,he has in the past step out in front of a car twice and has been very lucky but we feel he he needs professional help ,and we don't know which way to turn, we have spoken to his social worker ,and to be honest he didn't want to know we just need to help and guidance
There is a lot more then this as you could imagine
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  earthsister replied 4 years ago.

earthsister :

Good afternoon, I would like to help you today. Exactly how old is your son?

JACUSTOMER-r2wcltgh- : 18 in November
earthsister :

So I can understand your worry and concern, as he is on the verge of adulthood. Has he been observed by a physician or other health professional in the past for any mental disability?

JACUSTOMER-r2wcltgh- : He has seen a physician but decided he didn't want to go after a couple of appointment s
earthsister :

Now is the perfect time to take him to a physician who should be able to suggest a therapist )or other program)who will be able to look further into your son's behavior to assure that there is no mental issues that may be causing him to act the way that he is. Your son is still a minor now, and that is what gives you all the right as his parent to have him evaluated. Let your son know that you love him very much, but in order for him to come back home, he will have to go to the doctor and be evaluated by a professional who can help. It also would be wise to have him enroll in some kind of rehab for young drug abusers.

earthsister :

I do think that him stepping in front of vehicles is close to a suicide attempt, and this alone warrants serious concern.

earthsister :

Good is another option that may help you in finding a therapist that can help your family with this issue:

earthsister :

You can do an advanced search, and find the therapist of your family's needs with a zip code search; they are international as well.

JACUSTOMER-r2wcltgh- : He had a argument with my mother tonight and told us he will do it properly this time and he will not answer his phone
earthsister :

What did he mean by this? suicide?

JACUSTOMER-r2wcltgh- : I think so
earthsister :

This is certainly nothing to play with; I think it would be wise to contact a suicide prevention organization quick:

earthsister :

There #- 1800-suicide

JACUSTOMER-r2wcltgh- : We do feel there is something not right with him mentally but the police feel he is another troubled child it's causing a lot of argument s within the house .i will try the suicide. Org but feel sometime it's better to talk to someone
earthsister :

Better yet, it appears that you are in the UK; this link will be of greater help for the suicide help:

earthsister :

And here is the website that deals with suicide help in your area:

earthsister :

And to make it quick and easy for you, here are the phone numbers: Contact by: Face to Face [IMAGE][SRC][/SRC][ALT][/ALT][WIDTH]100[/WIDTH][HEIGHT]100[/HEIGHT][STYLE][/STYLE][/IMAGE] - Phone [IMAGE][SRC][/SRC][ALT][/ALT][WIDTH]100[/WIDTH][HEIGHT]100[/HEIGHT][STYLE][/STYLE][/IMAGE] - Letter: [IMAGE][SRC][/SRC][ALT][/ALT][WIDTH]100[/WIDTH][HEIGHT]100[/HEIGHT][STYLE][/STYLE][/IMAGE] - Email: [IMAGE][SRC][/SRC][ALT][/ALT][WIDTH]100[/WIDTH][HEIGHT]100[/HEIGHT][STYLE][/STYLE][/IMAGE]
Helpline 1: 08457 909090 (UK local rate) or +44 1603 611311
Helpline 2: +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92 (UK minicom)
Helpline 3: 1850 60 90 90 (ROI - local rate)
Helpline 4: 1850 60 90 91 (ROI minicom)
Email Helpline: [email protected]

earthsister :

please ignor the [IMAGE] etc. part; The helplines are what you need.

earthsister :

And I would certainly not pay much attention to the police about this issue, get your son the help he needs now.

JACUSTOMER-r2wcltgh- : Thank you ,I will give them a call now
earthsister :

Please do; and if there is any other help that I can provide you with, please do not hesitate to ask; I will be more than happy to help.

JACUSTOMER-r2wcltgh- : Ok
Expert:  earthsister replied 4 years ago.

I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?

Let me know,