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Jen Helant
Jen Helant, Child Care
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  I have my bachelors degree in psychology. I worked with children. Since then I have raised and still raising 3 wonderful boys.
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My son just graduated from high school and is undecided as

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My son just graduated from high school and is undecided as to what type of work he wants to major in. Are there any questions he can ask himself that would help him make this decision? The things he enjoys doing are not really things that can be applied to a job, so I believe the question "what do you love or enjoy doing?" is out. He also does not really know a skill or craft of any kind and if he has a talent, I don't know what it is except that he has a good memory and is very meticulous and has a good heart. So, I don't think the question "what can he do?" is helpful. Can you please provide some guidance. Thank you.

jenhelant :

I understand your concern. Since there is nothing that he loves or is extremely good at then I have a few ideas.


#1 I would say since the first year is mostly filled with basic classes that he would need to take regardless of his major I would say have him do that, so he does not waste time and have him take different classes that way he can get an idea of what he enjoys then on his 2nd year he maybe will be ready to focus on his major.


#2 He can volunteer at places to get a feel of different careers or even get a partime job at an entry level.


#3 He can search online not only at different careers, but also what is involved in it such as income, hours, availability, and schooling. This will help him get a feel not only what it is, but what is involved to get there and as a lifetime career. He can then see if it is something he is up for.


#4. My last option would be to choose something that he would have the most chance in getting a job in with th highest pay. Since there is nothing he enjoys and does not have a craft then the next logical thing would be something that has excellent pay, excellent hours for what he wants in life (such as if he wants to have a family then he may not want to chose a job that travels or etc..just something to think about), as well as are there enough jobs, and what it takes to become that.


I think one or a few of these options would be his best bet!. Remeber there are many people in this day and age that go to school for what they love or are good at and can not find a job they then end up doing something totally different. Sometimes something that did not even need a degree, so it is not only about that. All in all I hope this advice helped and hope he chooses the best thing for him.


All the best!



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