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earthsister, Parent
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Home Child Care Provider, and mother of 4; two pre-teen boys and twin baby girls.
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My seven month old all of a sudden started waking up in the

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My seven month old all of a sudden started waking up in the night and cannot get back to sleep. No teething or crawling. Don't know what to do to get him back to sleep as nothing works


Good afternoon, I would like to assist you today.


As the mother of twin 1 1/2 year old girls, I understand your situation, double-time.

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : This just started happening. He was never a great sleeper but generally has been waking up for one feed and then going back to sleep for the rest of the night. Now, he wakes up screaming after being down only 2-4 hrs and is wide awake. He transitioned on his own to two naps about three weeks ago and now I wonder if this has created nightime havock

That could be possible, how many naps was he taking before then?

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : He is about to start crawling but hasn't yet. Nothing gets him back to sleep but I don't want to start any bad habits anyways
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : He took three and they were always less then one hr
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : Now he takes naps longer then one hr

Ans about what time does he eat, and lay down to bed for the night?


I'm sorry, I meant and

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : He goes to bed between 6:45 and 7:30 depending on awake time and usually gets up for a feed between 2-4 am but that always varies
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : I have only had a couple hours sleep total in the past two nights

So, he sleeps at about 7 pm, and wakes up for the first time around 3 am, roughly?

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : He has only slept all night once and he also has recently been getting up really early (before 6:00 am)
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : Yes roughly
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : But now he wakes up before midnight, can't sleep unless we hold him, don't want to do that all night
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : Try resettling him, seems content, put him in crib, starts screaming

Him sleeping from 7 pm until 3 am is already 8 hours; that's about as long as you can expect any infant his age to sleep at one time in the first place. Babies his age have small stomachs, especially if they are breastfed, they will wake earlier than that; my daughters, still breastfed, wake at least after 5 hours for a feeding; however the real problem here sounds like you getting him back to sleep.

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : His transitions have become very loud and agitated too

I would try laying him down later than 7pm if possible; see if that helps. Is he bottle, or breastfed?

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : Yes and he wakes up way before his usual feeding so I know he's not hungry. Plus he's way more upset when he wakes up
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : We've tried later bedtime, makes no difference and he's breastfed
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : Usually second nap is done by 3 actually
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : His second nap usually ends by 3:30 so I try to not have more than 3-3.5 hrs of awake time before bed

Breastfed babies very rarely sleep 8 hours or more at one time, that's almost amazing to me.


You have a great sleeper, overall


His naps are about an hour or two long?

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : He always through some crappy nights in there too (fairly often) but in a pinch I could always feed him and he'd go back to sleep
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : His naps are 80-120 min long each

Ok, so to clarify, he's now sleeping about 4 hours during the day, goes to bed at 7 pm, and wakes before 12; and then he doesn't get back to sleep, or when does he?

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : It's been almost two weeks of this crap though, and I can't figure out if transitioning to two naps has made this happen, or maybe he's going through something developmental like starting to learn how to crawl or just starting to become a really bad sleeper
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : He sleeps about 3-3.5 hrs during the day mostly (it's rar to go 4), wakes screaming before midnight and will only then sleep fitfully in our bed.
JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : But even then he still screams when coming into our bed

Well he's growing. These kinds of changes are very common throughout infancy. To be sure, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring your son's sleep problems up to his pediatrician at his next visit; that will help rule out any health issues that may be the cause of this change.


Try waking him up before he wakes up screaming if possible. Give him his feeding, be sure he's dry and burped, and see if he can be laid back in his crib then.


Also, be sure that when he does wake in the middle of the night, or when you wake him, you keep him in a dim lit area, keep sounds low and voices down; too much noise or light could disturb his sleep. Soft music in the background has played in my girl's room since they were newborns. It helps to drown out any other household sounds wile they rest.

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : Hello?

Yes, can you see my writing?

JACUSTOMER-9s5sj5r6- : My screen is not showing the conversation anymore

I will switch to the Q&A" format, and see if that helps.

Can you see my writing now?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Always use a dark room, no talking, he has his white noise
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes,Always use a dark room, no talking, he has his white noise
That's good. Have you tried waking him up to eat before he wakes?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
, Yes,I don't want to wake him that early to feed him or he'll just need a second feed later, plus he doesn't need a feed two hrs after bed
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
And what do I do with him when I wake him?? , Yes,I don't want to wake him that early to feed him or he'll just need a second feed later, plus he doesn't need a feed two hrs after bed
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello? ,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello? ,This thing isn't working
I just want to assure you that it is very common for breastfed babies, very much so if exclusively breastfed babies, to wake around 2 times for an additional feed, because breast milk is easily digested, and leaves their stomachs empty quicker than formula. Also, it is normal for infants his age to sleep a total of just ten to as much as about 17 hours a day (and night). If he's not eating solids already, you may want to talk to your pediatrician about that, and see if he or she recommends now being a good time. I encourage you to wake your son and feed him before he wakes screaming, try it consistently, and see if this changes anything. Also shorten his daytime naps, especially the one before bed. Make sure he is getting plenty of floor time and activity during the day. Get him outside to get fresh air, take him for a car ride, some of this may help. Most certainly, bring up the sleep issue to his pediatrician, as he or she may be able to look deeper into any possible health concerns. Here is an article that may give you a little more insight on your baby's sleep:
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Thank you for the acceptable rating, I do appreciate it. I also completely sympathize with you, as I know more than most what sleepless nights can be like with infants. If you are looking for more input, or have any other questions on this or another parenting issue, please do not hesitate to message for me, "earthsister." Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX you all the best!