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proexpert37, Educator/Life Coach
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Teacher 20+ years, Parent, Expert Mentor
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Hi, my friend has a 24 or so year old boy who is overweight.

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Hi, my friend has a 24 or so year old boy who is overweight. he does not co-operate with the parents in helping him lose weight. His mom wants to give him a surprise weight loss program gift certificate for his upcoming birthday. Is it right to do this, or should she discuss it first. Since he is fussy she is uncomfortable telling him first about this gift. Please let us know what she should do
Hello and Thank You for using Just Answer. I am sorry to hear about the weight problems that your friend is having with her son. However, I do applaud your friend for wanting to be so proactive in desiring to assist her son with such a sensitive issue. Giving the son a gift certificate for a weight loss program is an excellent idea and maybe it should be coupled with gift certificate for a gym membership and even for a personal trainer. Nonetheless though, the core of the problem here is getting the son to be more receptive to help regarding his weight. He needs to develop a completely different mindset about accepting support and believing in himself that he can be successful at weight loss. Your son's friend may need some emotional/psychological counseling to help him develop a new mindset. Life coaching for weight loss is another alternative that is often cheaper than counseling and just as effective. Furthermore, having a close family member or friend join him to the weight loss classes and to the gym would be an added support system. All in all, your son's friend should muster up courage to have a very open conversation with her son before she embarks on spending all the money to help him lose weight. She should approach the son in a very delicate and loving manner so that he will not become so defensive and fussy. She can tell him that she loves him, wants the best for him, and wants him to be happy in all areas of his life. She can continue to explain that she knows the weight issue is a very frustrating subject but that she wants to help her son on his weight loss journey because she truly cares about him. Don't spend too much time with the issue so as to not make matters worse. Let some time pass so that the son can process what his mom has said then revisit the issue in a few days with what the mom plans on doing. If the son is totally against the weight loss program idea as well as the gym/personal trainer idea, ask him what would make him happy with regards XXXXX XXXXX weight. What direction would he like to take?

Hope this information was helpful and provided some insight. If additional assistance is necessary, please feel free to let me know. I wish your friend much success and I hope that you have a wonderful and beautiful day.

Take care!
Hello there, may I help you? I have a slightly different perspective on this issue. The young man involved in this issue clearly does not choose to help himself or accept help from others. Giving him a weightless program as a gift could backfire. He may resent that this is done without his permission. After all he is an adult, so he needs to make a decision to want to lose weight and recognize there is a problem before anything like this is considered. Do by all means discuss is he happy with himself, would he like some help to change etc. he needs to make the decision himself and needs to really want to change. That's where parents can step in and support with ideas for exercise and dietary support. Good luck.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The problem is that her son understands what he needs to do, and he starts something and then drops it after few months

Maybe he needs to develope a different mindset. Could you please let us know what type of life coaching is best and how it works?
Hello dear client. You can google Life Coaching for Weight Loss or Weight Loss Life Coaches for your area. Oftentimes, you can receive a free initial consultation. Many coaches do face to face as well as telephone coaching that suits individual schedules. 😊
proexpert37, Educator/Life Coach
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 1374
Experience: Teacher 20+ years, Parent, Expert Mentor
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Hello again , in this case he needs a routine of regular weigh in at a class, support in diet and eating from a professional and also a personal trainer to provide a training program . Providing the combination of diet and exercise through a strict regime with get him results.
Thank you so much. I certainly hope that all works out for all parties involved. Please keep me posted on the progress no matter how big or small. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Have a great weekend!