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John-Michaels, Counselor (LPC)
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 614
Experience:  25+ years working with familes and 6 children of my own.
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I have a 7 year old granddaughter who sucks her thumb. What

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I have a 7 year old granddaughter who sucks her thumb. What can be done? Also I need the response to be english. The last time I posed this question which I never get a response and received a credit for it was the reason they said I never got a answer??? pls advise
Hello and thank you for choosing JustAnswer!

Do you have custody of the grandchildren or is your grandchild in the custody of her parents?

Once I have more information I'll be glad to assist you.

Thank you,

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes to which part of my question?

Custody with parents or grandparents?


Hello! It looks like you have had a hard time getting an answer to your question. I am sorry about the confusion. I am going to try to give you a helpful answer. Remember, you do not have to accept my answer until and unless you are satisfied I have answered your question. I simply want to help you.


There are several reasons your child might be sucking her thumb. !) It might just be a habit developed as a baby and just never given up. 2) Your child finds security in thumb sucking for whatever reason. 3) It could be a form of attention seeking. 4) She might simply find it soothing There are probably many other reasons that could be gathered, but we will work from these.


Of course, the solution is much more important than the problem anyway:



1) I often tell my clients if what you are trying is not working, try something different. I know this sounds cliché, but it has been proven effective many times over. If you have tried the hard line approach and this has proven ineffective, try a softer less intrusive approach. Let her know you want to help her break the habit, but take on the role of support rather than being authoritative.


2) Give your child a designated thumb sucking area and time. Let her know that it is ok to suck her thumb but only for a limited time and location.


3) Give her other options besides thumb sucking, such as chewing gum, cuddling with a blanket, etc. Be creative. Ask your granddaughter if she can come up with any alternatives. Make it fun and give her responsibility.


4) Talk to her about. Dont make a big deal about it, but let her know you are a bit concerned . Ask her if she thinks maybe she is too old. Ask her when she would like to quit. She might surprise you with her response. This very well might be bothering her as well.


Honestly, most importantly, dont allow this to become too big of a deal. You will feel pressure to fix this behavior immediately. Family and friends will judge you for it. Do not allow peer pressure to cause friction between you and your grand child. Love her, encourage her, and guide her in the more important things in life. In time, this behavior will take care of itself. Focus on those things that might not.


I hope I have been helpful to you. i really do apologize for the service issues you have received. If you have any questions please post them here. If you are satisfied with my response, I hope you will leave positive feedback so I can be compensated for my time. I really do want to be a help!



Thank you!

John-Michaels, Counselor (LPC)
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 614
Experience: 25+ years working with familes and 6 children of my own.
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Hello and Thank You for consulting Just Answer. I would love to give you advice on your question. Two of my sons sucked their thumbs. All of the traditional methods did not work to keep them from sucking their thumb. The only method that is nearly 100% effective is to have a little metal appliance placed in the roof of the mouth by a dentist. There is a little grill attached to the appliance and it prevents the child from placing their thumb in their mouth comfortably. The child will need to keep the appliance in their mouth for about 8-12 months. It is cemented in so that it will not come out. It works phenomenally. Please consult your granddaughter's dentist about this option. I have talked with many dentists and pediatricians and they all confer that this is the only way to stop thumb sucking.
Hello there, may I help you? There is a product available in high street shops called stop and grow. It is designed to stop children biting there nails but works like a dream with regard to thumb sucking as it tastes horrible the minute they put the thumb into the mouth. I have used this on three separate occasions with different children in my care and it has helped break the habit! Good luck.
Hello dear client. My apologies for so many experts voicing their concerns. None of the products that can be placed on the thumb work in the long run. Please visit the dentist and discuss the high success rates of this stop thumb sucking appliance for your granddaughter. Insurance may pay for it especially if the thumb sucking has caused damage to the front teeth. If not, the appliance may cost around $500 dollars or so but it is well worth the investment. You will truly be pleased.Much success to you!
Thank you so much for your positive resting. I truly do hope I was helpful. If you ever need me I also answer questions in the mental l health, relationship, and adoption categories. You can request me by name if you wish. Blessings...