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i have a daughter with autism she is quite good in many areas--she

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i have a daughter with autism she is quite good in many areas--she is 20yrs now, she had lots of ABA therapy when young nd it did help her ,,but her self help skills are not good, she depends heavily on me to help with self care-like i still have to wash her hair in the bath--quite hard work-i feel she should be doing a lot more-but shes not motivated,, another problem is that she has no friends and will not talk to a girl she goes bowling with although the girl is quite chatty--shes also on the ASD, and its really difficult to find her any friends-she does a certificate at a college and hey tell me shes happy there but Emily wont tell me much at all when she comes home so i dont really know if its all ok. She sits by herself in her room and looks up you tube a lot- its not the best for her , iget her out to help do some kitchen jobs but she goes back to the computer... we go for walks at weekends, she sees a speech path about every 4 wks and i am looking for drama for special needs kids and a therapist for her. I am a working single mother and its difficult, and need to keep working as i am divorced, my ex was verbally abusive and narcissistic..its all been very difficult for me but i am still better off out of a toxic relationship could i have some suggestions please Pippa

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It is difficult to offer general advice to adults with autism because it is a spectrum disorder. There are a number of organizations that can assist with caring for your daughter and helping her socialize. The general answers that I can give to help you daughter is to get her involved in numerous social interactions and physical activities to promote her social skills. Finding groups that are out there that will help your daughter meet other adults with austism will help her and you build your network of support. The youtube video watching should be monitored to make sure that the behaviors being viewed are socially acceptable.

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The idea of drama, music, sports, programs is an awesome one, I know there are different day programs that can help with management while you are working. I wish I could be of more assistance with resources in Australia, however I did find a few resources online like . These type of organizations are normally very willing to help you find the resources to help if you contact them. Overall, my advice to you would be to attempt to allow your daughter to get as much appropriate socialization as possible and for the both of you to attempt to build your network of support. There are many people out there that want to help you and there are many people out there that can learn from your experiences. Good luck with all that you do!

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Pippa, If there is anything else that I can help you with let me know.
JACUSTOMER-jkqny9ef- and other Parenting Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am having difficulty finding help I need to join my girl into activities and a lot of them are too far from where we live, also respite and student help for her is difficult to find --someone like the aba therapists she used to have would be good but students usually want to work w young chn with asd not older kids,, also the place where she goes to do her certificate in further education does not communicate with me despite her difficulties and i cant get a good or helpful response from them.She has got a good speech therapist and piano teacher but thats all at present and cant find special needs drama.please help Pippa