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jfaherty77, Teacher
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 3
Experience:  I am a certified Elementary Teacher and Special Educator. I have a degree in Psychology and am the father of two year old twins.
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My 14 months old baby does not eat solids and she is picky

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My 14 months old baby does not eat solids and she is picky sometimes with the fruit

jfaherty77 : Hi good afternoon!
jfaherty77 :

Being the father of twins, I have plenty of experience in dealing with picky eaters. Especially when they were younger and coming off of formula. We did introduce foods one at a time (food allergy reasons), but also if we found that they were being picky or not eating, changing the way it was presented. Now, from what you've tried, it seems like you have done some of this. I'd be interested to hear what creams, etc... she is eating. One way that I found successful is to introduce a food, or try a food that they previously did not like, with something they do like. So in this case, as unappealing as it may seem, perhaps putting apples in the soup might help. You want to gradually work up to the solids. Thickening liquid meals also has helped. Adding things such as oats, ground rice, etc... to thicken things is another way to work on building her accepting other solids. Yogurt is a great food. You can have the yogurts specifically marketed for babies, which are quite watery, and build from there, adding little bits of fruits here and there, then thickening it, and on and on. We did this and our kids enjoyed it. They no longer eat the baby or toddler yogurts, enjoy greek yogurts with fruits and dip waffles and the sort in them. Persistence and patience are a key though. I don't know how long ago she stopped milk/formula, but if it was recently you might have to be a little more patient. If it was a while ago, and through all these interventions you still are not having success, I'd speak to your pediatrician.

jfaherty77 :

Some sites for you to peruse for more information:

jfaherty77 :

Again, it can be a matter of patience and persistence, and trying combinations that you might not normally think of but they might actually enjoy, and then gradually separating the combinations (i.e. the solid/fruit mixed in with the soup is now a bit bigger and on its own).

jfaherty77 :

Hi welcome, I hope you were able to see what I had typed above


I have tried different vegies soups, oatmeal, yogourt,

jfaherty77 :

My kids aren't the biggest vegetable fans, so of course we find creative ways of infusing them into other foods. Grilled cheese sandwiches aren't simply grilled cheese, but may have spinach, brocolli or other greens in them. They eat them, usually. Sometimes they don't and pick the veggies out.

jfaherty77 :

I see you went offline. I hope I was able to assist you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to continue talking! Take care! John


Hi John,

jfaherty77 : Hi how are you?

Sorry.... she loves peas soup, lentil, beans, squash ans so forth. Problem.. she cannot feel anything in little peaces because she spit it out and then.... end of the time food. She loves the botle so I ma giving her oatmeal with cow's milk liquify on the botle. I am getting rid of the formula because the constipation issue...

jfaherty77 : Was she on formula or milk, and how long ago did she switch?

I am just switching 100% cow's milk this week. I was afraid before because the eating issue. There are some days that she only wants the bottle

jfaherty77 : Yeah I'd definitely remove the formula once solids are introduced. We still give our kids milk at night. The move away from the bottle can be hard. Our pediatrician said at one year stop and start building up from puréed food to solids but give cow's milk. It sounds like she is doing ok for a 14 month old though. I would say keep trying and keep adding it in, the more familiar they get with things and they see that they are not going away, the more comfortable they are. She sounds like she eats a healthy variety of foods though.
jfaherty77 : I'd also limit the bottle to 1-2 times a day, morning and night. 12-16 oz is what we did and it worked perfectly.

Yes I will try to get rid of the bottles my problem also is she stills wake up at night twice and of course she takes the bottle 16 oz total.

jfaherty77 : If she is really dependent on the bottle, using it less would help steer her towards regular food and increasing the size and amount of solids gradually.

Ok I will try to reduce the amount on the bottles and see. I will right you afterwards,


Thank you,

jfaherty77 : Its all about starting new routines. She can still use the bottle, just at certain times. Also, if she is waking during the night frequently for bottles, establishing new nighttime routines also may help.
jfaherty77 : PleAse do, and if I can assist you further please feel free to ask!
jfaherty77 and other Parenting Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you again and please let me know how things go, and if you need more advice! Have a great day!