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professional_Alison, Child Care
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Degree in early years,16 years experience in childcare
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Hi, I am looking for an answer for how to deal with my 4 year

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Hi, I am looking for an answer for how to deal with my 4 year old daughter and having poop accidents sometimes 2-3 times a day. She has been potty trained since before the age of 3 and has done great until the last few weeks.

professional_Alison : Hello there, may I help you? There could be a number of reasons why she is having accidents, mastering toilet training can often take a little longer with pooing. Children Can often not like the sensation of going for a poo and will hold it until they have an accident. Are we stools normal consistency. It may be that if they are hard she is holding them as they are painful to pass, alternatively if they are very soft as you

The consistency is not firm nor loose. I know that she gets busy playing and thats usually when I have found that she has gone in her pants.

professional_Alison : Mentioned she is going two or three times daily that she is not able to control them. Try not to make an issue of any acccidents she has, just change her as move on to something else. Don't ask her if she needs to go but just say "right we are going to the toilet now" and as long as she try's don't worry if nothing happens. Another good method to try us to use a reward chart, every time she does a poo on the toilet she gets a sticker and after five stickers she gets a reward such as a book or some bubbles. If she continues to progress set the next target at ten stickers and perhaps have a reward as a special trip out. Try not to worry that she was doing well and may have had a set back, this is not uncommon and dealt with in the right way will soon pass.
professional_Alison :

It may be that she is just so busy playing that she doesnt want to stop and go to the toilet.

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