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I work from home. Most of the other mothers in our neighborhood

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I work from home. Most of the other mothers in our neighborhood do not. Since I'm the at home parent, the neighborhood teens spend all day, every day at my house in the summer. They help themselves to our food, sodas, snacks, bottled water, etc. I've told my son this needs to stop. But, it is difficult for him to keep them from eating our food. They also leave trash and athletic equipment in our yard. I'm tired of being the unpaid neighborhood daycare provider and don't want to spend my summer supervising teens. I also don't allow my son to go to his friend's homes when their parents aren't at home. Should I meet with the other moms to share my concerns? I want my son to have friends to play with but I'm being taken advantage of and I want it to stop. Any suggestions?

professional_Alison : Hello there, I can help you with this. Your sons friends are taking advantage of your good nature. You need to set some new rules with your son and his friends. I suggest you let your son know it is fine to have a friend over but not a whole group and it has to be on the understanding that they clear up any mess they make. Explain to your son how you feel about them helping themselves. Move the food which they help themselves, to a different place and explain to your son that you are no longer happy for them to do this as it is costing a lot of money apart from anything else.
professional_Alison : The other option to suggest is that any regular visitors can put money into a kitty each week and you will happily buy snacks for them to access.
professional_Alison : It may be worth talking to the parents of these children and explain that although you are at home you are in fact working, so cannot take responsibility for their children. If you are happy for them to be at your house then they need to agree to your rules and perhaps the parents could provide some drinks as snacks on a rota basis. I think you could certainly agree with your son and other teens parents the rules if they are to spend time at your house. If they can't agree to your rules they can't spend time at your house. You need to be strong and stand your ground here. I wish you luck and would be happy to help you if you need further assistance.
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