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professional_Alison, Child Care
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Degree in early years,16 years experience in childcare
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A question on how much water intake for newborn. Is there

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A question on how much water intake for newborn.
Is there really a limit on how much water she should take?

My newborn baby daughter is now 2 months. She is having formula milk, although I breastfeed her every meal (but my milk supply is very little so i let her rely on formula milk). She gets constipated and we tried switching to another brand of formula milk but did not work. So I put in more water for every formula milk meal she has.

She tends to be a hungry girl. She was having 4 oz formula milk powder with 5 oz water per meal since week 3 of her birth. We are afraid she is eating too much, so that's also one reason why we put in more water into her bottle of milk.

Now we are giving her 6 oz water with 4.5 to 5 oz milk powder. 5 to 6 meals a day. Her stools seems moist enough now. One poop time a day. and she farts a lot.

Until this morning friend of mine warns me that there is danger in diluting the milk, and in giving so much water intake.

Up to now I don't see she has a problem, but is a bit freak out from what my friend warns me. I'd like to ask if what I am doing is okay for my baby?

professional_Alison : Hello there, may I help you? Every baby is different. Of she is a hungry baby have you tried the hungrier baby formula.
professional_Alison : Watering down her formula will not do her any harm. Fluids can only be a good thing for a young baby. If she is eating sleeping and happy co to ur with your routine until she is old enough to introduce solids.
professional_Alison : * sorry that should read continue with your routine!
professional_Alison : Her stools should be regular at least once a day and if the water is softening it continue as you are. The amount of milk she is having and the number of feeds are correct, keep going as you are you are doing fine, once you introduce solids she will cut down on her milk intake anyway.
professional_Alison : Your baby should be getting all the nutrients she needs from her milk and if she is happy and content don't change the amounts. It's important she is full from the milk as well as a little added water.

Thank you so much! I'd like to further ask,


Some articles on the net say sth about seizures and the loss of salt and electrolytes due to water intake and diluted formula milk. And also some say about "water intoxication".

like an article here

As a childcare expert, what is your point of view?


professional_Alison : This would be the case if you were feeding the baby pure bottles of water but an ounce or two in the bottles is fine. If the baby was not eating and you were struggling to get her to feed then it would be wrong to add water.
professional_Alison : If your child is feeding well and is satisfied after her feed then you don't need to worry.

I see. So to finally conclude, it is generally acceptable if i add an ounce in the bottle for each meal (5 to 6 meals a day) for her?


*an ounce of water*

professional_Alison : Yes an ounce in each bottle is fine as long as you don't give her water in between meals on its own.

Thank you so much! Your replies really eased my worries. Was freaked out this morning upon my friend's warning.
Have a good day.

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