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bio dad and step mom accused our child of (bio and my child)

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bio dad and step mom accused our child of (bio and my child) of kicking and throwing stuff at neighbors kids when they were playing, when she was over there twice a month ago. (i have never know her to do that stuff, all parents when she is home rave about how kind she is)
so step mom told her she can NEVER play with them again, only her birth daughter can.
so my daughter went over this weekend to hang out with her step sister. BUT they had the neighbor kids over. and sent my daughter inside (either upstairs or in her room) to play because they said she isnt allowed to be near the neighbor kids.
then her step sister brought the neighbors in and watched a movie with my daughter had to stay in the basement!
what to do???
what is my daughter thinking??
were they right??? ( i dont think so, what do you think)
Good morning,

Your daughter is certainly being treated unfairly by her step-mother. She may be expressing her anger towards you by mistreating this girl. I do not think that's right. Her father should step in and tell his wife that this type of mistreatment is not acceptable.

It's likely that your daughter thinks she is being treated unfairly and is feeling unhappy about that.

I recommend that you talk to your ex-husband and tell him that you are not comfortable with the way your daughter is being treated when she visits him.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



i have like 20 times, he is more afraid of upsetting his wife. he told me. do i stop visitation, i have cut it down and no one seems to care and it still happens. wont it screw her up more if she has less contact with her dad, or more if she continues being treated this way??

If your daughter continues to be treated this way her self-esteem may be negatively impacted. I would not recommend less contact with her dad. It would be better if she and her father could spend time together away from his new family.
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