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I have a son who is 6 yr old. I decide in Aug. or Sept. 2011

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I have a son who is 6 yr old. I decide in Aug. or Sept. 2011 because he had some trouble visual on his work at school and just couldnt controlled behavior. He started on Concerta first worked well but Jan. teacher said he went back to like it was day one all ever again. I went back to dr. now he is on daytrana. Its ok, teacher said his behavior is still a problem.
We dont really have behavior problem at home . We looks at it is 6 yr old and is very active and he will grow out of it. we hope. We get note and all the time and he gets sad faces about everyday. For not folllowing direction or excessive talking or being rude. not do his work and etc. What should I do to help my child with his behavior at school and toward teacher cause talking with him everyday and every morning isnt working?
Hello and Thank You for consulting Just Answer. I am sorry to hear about the behavior problems of your son. Since the problems seem to be happening mostly at school, that is where you must start. School must be the focus. The teacher seems to be communicating with you about his inappropriate behavior through daily notes. However, the teacher must also have a reward system in place. She must decide on one target behavior for a week. Every time that your son has a good morning, midday, and afternoon of let's say, no excessive talking, he would earn a sticker on a chart. So he would get a sticker for the morning, one for the midday, and one for the afternoon. If he misbehaves, he gets nothing. Then after receiving 10 stickers, he gets a prize from you or a special outing. The teacher gives the stickers. You give the treat. You can change the amount of stickers to fit your son's circumstance. The teacher can keep the stickers on a 4 by 6 index card. When he reaches 10 or whatever number, he brings the card home for his reward. Make sure that your son knows what the reward will be when he earns the desired amount of stickers. Children will often work hard to change their behavior when a reward system is involved. Th goal is to focus more on his positive behavior to eliminate the negative. It will take time and will not happen overnight. The key is consistency. Also, you must keep in contact with the teacher all the time. Maybe have a home to school journal that you and the teacher can use to write messages back and forth. Nonetheless, your son is still young and is probably just like any other active 6 year old boy. The teacher may have a low tolerance for your son's actions. Sometimes, the teacher needs to ignore his behavior and not give so much attention to negative behavior.

Have a great day. Let me know if you need further assistance.
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The site was down all day but it now seems to be up and running . So your answer is above. :)