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Hello, Our son is two and a half and still is about 30%

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Our son is two and a half and still is about 30% attached to his pacifier. We've heard it's best to wean him off of it due to speech and teeth/bite structure concerns. What age should a child ideally be off and any best practices in terms of tips?

Thank you
I love this question and as a fellow parent who had the same issue I would love to share my professional opinion.
I believe weaning it is hard...I think the way to go is cold turkey. Now that may not be easy, but weaning always keep it there at some point and then you are in the same position as you are now.
Since your Son is 2.5 years old and not wildly attached I believe you can have the conversation with him that it is time to let it go. Make a ceremony out of it. Go to your local supermarket, buy a balloon and attach it to the balloon and have him help you sent it up to the Paci fairy. I would also give him a small gift for this big deal. As you watch it float in the air wave good bye and praise him. It might be tough for a few days, but make sure there aren't ANY around for him to find and pop in his mouth. Does he have another transitional object? a blanket, a bear or something? That could also help the transition. Let me know your thoughts.
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