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I am really concerned. My three year old daughter came home

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I am really concerned. My three year old daughter came home talking about sexual, inappropriate behaviour. She said "the people" go to the "booty shop" and she showed me the dance which included laying on her back opening her legs, then sticking out her bottom. She then said at the "booty shop they put the penis near the vagina, then showed me how they touch at the booty shop. She knew it was wrong because when I asked her about it she said it does not happen in school because her school is clean. I asked her if she had ever been there and she said no... She giggled all through the exchange then shut down when I began to press for answers.  I am stumped and completely mortified. I really need help on handling this... is something happening to her? is someone encouraging the thoughts or behaviout?
Your daughter has definitely been exposed to someone who has explicitly discussed the issues with her or in her presence or she may have inadvertently seen it on television if you have those types of channels or even on the Internet.

What you need to do is to tell her again that you are not mad at her. But you would like to know who told her about the booty shop. If she states that it was a teacher at school, then head right to the director. If she states that it was another student, head right to the teacher first.

Your daughter's actions do not necessarily mean that she has been abused in any way. However, you must keep a close eye on her behavior and emotional state. Additionally, you must find out the source of such sexual, peers, relatives. It make take some crafty and careful investigation before you blame anyone but you owe it to your daughter for her overall safety.

If she will not open up to you, you may want to seek outside professional assistance from a psychologist. He/she will use a technique called Play Therapy to break through to your daughter. Your daughter's pediatrician can provide you with a referral.

Have a blessed day.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Last week she pushed her female teacher away when she hugged her. This has never happened before. Yesterday she was rude to her teacher and even raised her shoe as if to throw it at the teacher. The teachers were shocked as she has NEVER acted this way before. She is not permitted to look at television beyond the news and Nick Jr. Are the behaviours potentially related to the "booty shop"?