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Hello, just had an incident tonite with our 7 year old and

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Hello, just had an incident tonite with our 7 year old and some disappointing behaviour. She took $15 to school and buy 3 tickets for an upcoming school event. Today she came home and said the tickets were not on sale today. She only had $10 when she came home. When we asked her where the $5 was she was she "wanted to buy herself a nice snack" and bought some chips. She says she did not buy anything else. But she can't find the leftover change from the chips. We have a lot of conversations about snacks in the house. All she wants to eat is junk food. We do allow her 1 treat (junk food) a day, but if she could she would make every meal just junk. She often sulks and pouts when we tell her no more junk. Because she is so hard to cook for and make lunches for I asked her to make me a list of foods she will eat and not eat. There are only about 4 things on the list she will eat - chips, hot dogs, candy, salted nuts. The list of things she will not eat is long (all the healthy things I put in front of her for meals. What is today's behaviour all about? Our issues surrounding food? Peer pressure? Where did the rest of the $5 go (i think she is lying)? MY QUESTION: How are we supposed to react to this incident and the food issues in general?
Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. With regards XXXXX XXXXX school incident, your daughter probably let another friend use the money. She may have even been bullied by another student who requested the money. Question her again and stress the importance of telling the truth. Maybe she should not go to the school event.As for the food issue at home, if you decrease the junk food in the house, she will not be able to eat it. She will become hungry enough that she will start eating healthier foods if that is all that is available to eat. You may have to offer a certain food to her 20 times before she tries it. The food that she enjoys eating is unhealthy and will cause weight gain. You may want to have your daughter, even at her young age, see a nutritionist. Your pediatrician can refer you to one. She will learn about healthy eating and snacking. She also may be at risk for pre diabetes if she does not change her eating habits. Maybe start by taking her to a salad buffet where she can pick from a colorful selection of healthy foods. That way, she will feel like she still has some control over what she is eating. Just do not give up. Children at this age are rather picky. Her behavior is normal. Maybe you can even have her help with the cooking in the kitchen. Be firm and consistent but do not make it a battle.
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