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I have twin sons aged 12 and a half. They are very different

Customer Question

I have twin sons aged 12 and a half. They are very different from each other. One a real boys boy and the other quite sensitive. Until recently they have always shared a room. We had the opportunity to give them their own space and they both loved the idea. However bedtime has become a real ordeal for the sensitive son. He seems to be suffering from some anxiety from the separation and room change. He starts working himself up as bedtime nears, he paces, he's distracted and almost tearful. He has no problem going to bed, but then he's up and down like a yoyo, crying and carrying on. He can't tell me what's the matter though "I don't know" is the common phrase. He took to sleeping on the floor of our (his Dad and I) room at the end of our bed for a few nights. I put a stop to that and he's back bunking with his brother (who thinks it's all quite amusing). Tonight he was quite distraught, even though he knew his brother was going to sleep in the room with him, its 11pm and I've just taken him back down to his room, he was almost in hysterics, crying his eyes out. I don't quite know what to do? I feel quite helpless and don't like it when I can't help. I would take him to see a counsellor but he's absolutely fine during the day? Any suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  JaRee1993 replied 5 years ago.

JaRee1993 :

Hi, thank you for contacting Just Answer. My name is JaRee and I am a mental health counselor. It sounds as though he could have developed some separation anxiety and adjustment disorder that he does not understand causing him to be anxious because he can't explain what is going on for him. I would also ask him if he is having any kind of dreams and if so what are they about. It is not uncommon for someone who is sensitive to react negatively to a change if even they first perceive it as a good change. However, since his reaction is more dramatic than normal I would probably take him to see a counselor if these behaviors continue for more than a month. It is also possible the reaction is stronger because he is going into puberty and his hormonal changes may already be acting up causing more feelings he is not use to. I hope this answer helps you.

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